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“My son had very few words, most lacking the end sound and no phrases. Six months later, he is getting complete words and can now tell me what he wishes. He’s beginning to sing.”

 “Eat wider variety of food. Eat a salad like a normal person without gagging. Has improved her eating habits. Tries and likes new foods.”

 “I met Christine and didn’t know how to communicate properly with others. After working with Christine, I’ve improved on speech and my writing skills.”

“Say /sh/, /l/. Didn’t realize he was tongue tied. Thanks. Work on speech sounds and how to help at home.”

“Taco tongue- produce any /s/ sounds.” Taco tongue- now produces /s/ sounds.”

 “Before therapy with Christine, my child could not make the /sh/, /th/, /ch/, or /l/ sounds properly. My child also had difficulty speaking without starting sentences with “um” multiple times or repeating the same two or three words 5-10 times. Now my child is pronouncing words well with only a few mistakes here and there. Further, my child’s fluency has improved dramatically. We still have more therapy to do, but I’m confident, based on the large improvement thus far, that my child’s speech problems will be resolved soon.”

 “Our son could not express yes. It seemed like he only said No and wasn’t able to tell us what he wanted. Christine worked with him on expressing yes by saying “uh-huh”. He now is able to tell us exactly what he wants. This has made life so much easier and you can tell our son has more confidence knowing he is able to share what he wants.”

 “Vocabulary and articulation has improved. Now has 2-3 word phrases.”

 “Spelling. Spelling has improved. Has more knowledge of spelling rules.’

 “My child is definitely more vocal and verbally expressive. He responds much better to “yes or no” questions.”

 “My son had great difficulty pronouncing his /k/, /d/, /l/, and /s/ sounds correctly where it was difficult for others to understand what he was saying. Currently, he pronounces his /k/, /l/, and /d/ sounds with greater success and less difficulty of others misunderstanding him. He has opened up and is more willing to share in the classroom or at church without the fear of being made fun of.”      

 “He could not hear himself saying words incorrectly. Like run, rose. My son talks slower to say the words correctly. My family has started to speak more clear around our son in order for him to hear words correctly.”

 "My child RB, couldn’t establish any line of communication. Now, my son can make requests for things, food, items, toys, etc.”

 "Couldn’t eat meat. Now eats PB & jelly, chicken, and hamburgers!”

 “Couldn’t say “I want____.” He would grunt “cookie, snack.. He can now say “I want___.” Working on expanding sentences even more! Yay!

 “The /l/ sound was not recognizable. Frustration was very common/frequent. /S/ sounds were not there. She is much more patient and willing to try to pronounce the words correctly.”

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